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Employment and Labour Lawyers in Toronto

Our lawyers serve employees and employers in all legal workplace matters. As one of the top law firms in Toronto, we provide quality service because we value human rights. When you need a wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto, Levitt LLP has the tools and resources to help you effectively argue your case. You should not have to conduct business in a poisoned work environment or pay additional costs because of poorly managed restructurings. We give you expert counselling and design strong litigation strategies at all levels of court in Ontario and across Canada to help you achieve an outcome that meets your individual or business needs.

  • Possessing up to 38 years of employment law and labour law experience.

  • Recognized in Ontario and across Canada for employment law and wrongful dismissal excellence.

  • Are highly recommended and respected Toronto lawyers and a widely quoted authority on employment law and labour law.

  • Provide the experience, the depth and the resources to help you with your employment law or labour law questions.

  • Represent clients before all levels of courts, mediation, labour relations boards, grievance arbitrators, and employment law tribunals in Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada.

  • Have numerous weekly media appearances in newspaper, radio, and television to discuss employment law and labour law in Toronto, Ontario, and across Canada.

  • Are a strong representation of employers and corporate clients in Toronto, the GTA, and across Canada.

  • We are hired in Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada for our tireless representation of clients in employment law and labour law.

  • Toronto employment and labour lawyers with over 175 years of combined legal experience.

How We Can Help

  • Employment Contracts

    For many years, large companies have typically put signed employment contracts in place with their senior executives. But now, savvy businesses of all sizes are seeing the wisdom of formalizing their ...
    Employment Contracts
  • Exit Agreements/Termination Letters

    A growing number of savvy employers are now taking the prudent step of having departing employees sign an exit agreement provided by the company. While they are not required by law, employment exit ag ...
    Exit Agreements/Termination Letters
  • Occupational Health & Safety

    Employers have an overall duty to take every reasonable precaution to protect workers’ health and safety. The easiest way to fulfill this duty is to recognize, evaluate and control workplace threats ...
    Occupational Health & Safety
  • Human Rights

    As one of the top human rights law firms in Toronto, Levitt LLP have handled a variety of cases, providing investigative services and training on human rights issues. Employment equity and human ri ...
    Human Rights

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  • Wrongful Dismissal / Termination of Employment

    Have you been wrongfully dismissed? “Laid off”, “let go”, “position eliminated”, “terminated”, “packaged out” – there are many euphemisms for being fired. Often, these words h ...
    Wrongful Dismissal / Termination of Employment
  • Unlawful Discrimination & Human Rights Violations

    What is Workplace Discrimination? Human rights discrimination in the workplace can take many forms: an ageing employee is forced into retirement; an employee injured at work is fired the next day; ...
    Unlawful Discrimination & Human Rights Violations
  • Constructive Dismissal

    What is constructive dismissal? Constructive dismissal is a legal term that means you have not formally been fired or terminated, but the negative changes that the employer has made to your j ...
    Constructive Dismissal
  • Workplace Harassment

    What Is workplace harassment? Harassment is broadly defined in Human Rights and Occupational Health and Safety legislation. Workplace harassment may include: teasing sexual harassment in ...
    Workplace Harassment

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