Executive Contracts and Compensation

Drafting Executive Contracts that Work

The relationship between your company and each of its executives is, fundamentally, a contract that spells out all of their rights and obligations to the organization – including the key elements of what they’re expected to do.

Our employment lawyers have worked with countless companies to draft clear and concise executive contracts which eliminate all potential legal risks and anticipate changes in the jurisprudence. When a contract is done properly, you and the incoming executive will each clearly understand the terms of their employment; and that will pay dividends to all parties in helping to minimize misunderstandings and later disputes.

Drafting Compensation Packages that Make Sense

No matter the state of the economy, many businesses in a variety of sectors face perennial challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. Attracting the best corporate executives is a competitive pursuit – our clients want every edge they can get.

Our employment lawyers understand that our clients want to attract the top talent by offering compensation packages that maximize value to the employee while minimizing cost to the company.

Our employment lawyers can show you how to beat your competitors in finding and keeping the key people you need to continue growing.

Our employment lawyers can help you design an effective executive compensation program aligned with your organization’s long-term goals. At the same time, we’ll show you how to minimize the risk of unintended outcomes that can come about when inappropriate incentives reward the wrong things.

Limiting your Legal Exposure

With greater compensation comes greater financial risk upon termination of an executive’s employment. Our employment lawyers help our clients by structuring executive contracts so as to limit your company’s liability, should the contract be terminated for any reason.

Why Choose Employment Lawyers at Levitt LLP?

Our employment lawyers at Levitt LLP are experts in employment law in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada

Executive Contracts are, fundamentally, contracts of employment. You need an employment lawyer who not only has a depth of expertise in employment law, but also understands what top-talent executives look for and expect in their employment contracts. We have some of the best and most experienced employment lawyers in this unique area of employment law.

Each situation is unique; so talk with one of our employment lawyers in Toronto, the GTA or across Canada to learn about how we can help you reduce the HR risks in your organization while achieving your corporate goals.


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