Employment Equity

Employers are required to engage in proactive practices to ensure that all Canadians have the same access to the labour and job market. Employment equity forbids hiring practices and workplace policies that discriminate against certain people.

An employer is prohibited from treating workers differently because of things such as gender, race or ethnic heritage, disability and religion, among others. Equity in the workforce focuses on creating a representative workforce that includes members from all populations, and strives to create workplaces that welcome the participation of members from all backgrounds and settings.

Why Choose an Employment Lawyer at Levitt LLP?

Many employees are unaware of their rights in terms of equity in the work place. If you feel uncomfortable in your employment because of the way you are being treated, or because of the environment you are working in, your workplace may be violating its equity obligations. Whether you have questions regarding your rights to wear religious attire in the office, or you want to know if it is acceptable for your company to host a men-only outing, our employment lawyers can help. You may be entitled to more than you think. Our knowledgeable employment lawyers can help you understand whether you are working at a company that violates employment equity rules.

If you believe that you have been subjected to discriminatory hiring methods or workplace practices, an employment lawyer in Toronto can help you pursue your rights. From negotiating with your employer, to mediating a resolution, to filing a complaint with an appropriate tribunal or – as the last resort – asking a court to intervene, our employment lawyers are your advocates.

Each situation is unique; so schedule a consultation today with one of our employment lawyers in Toronto, the GTA or across Canada to learn about your options.

What Are Employers Required to Do?

Various human rights and equity legislation requires employers to vigorously identify and remove systemic barriers for four designated groups:

  • Women
  • People with disabilities
  • Aboriginal peoples
  • Visible minorities

Employers must reasonable accommodate their employees and are obligated to strive to improve employment opportunities for the four listed groups. As an employee, you should feel as though you are given the same opportunities as other employees. You should also be accommodated to fit your individual needs as much as possible. Employers should be consistently training staff and creating equity friendly policies and practices to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in their workplace.


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