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Understanding wrongful employment dismissal

A wrongful dismissal in Ontario is classified as termination without advanced warning or a severance. All too often, employers terminate workers for other company-centric reasons, such as downsizing, reorganizing, etc. They may call it a “lay-off” or suggest the position is being revamped, when it is clearly wrongful termination.

If you are a victim of a wrongful termination then a consultation with a wrongful dismissal lawyer should be the first step you take as you go out the door. When you hire an experienced lawyer who has handled a myriad of cases in the employment arena your chances of winning improve tenfold.

When does a wrongful dismissal occur?

You may have grounds for a wrongful dismissal if your employer didn’t follow the specific advance notice and severance laws. Additionally, when an employee is not let go, but the terms of the employment are drastically changed and the employee resigns, it is considered an unjust dismissal.

If you worked for an airline, government agency or bank, the Canada Labour Code’s (Part III) dismissal law states the employee must have worked for at least 12 months. If you worked in the private sector Canada’s Employment Standards Act (ESA) provides a minimum severance unless you were let go unjustly. If so, there are additional benefits that are greater than the ESA provides.

wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto

Exactly what are wrongfully dismissed employees entitled to?

If you were not given an advance notice period before losing your position or a severance package that was befitting to your position within the company, you are entitled to more. Most companies offer compensation that is much lower than what is deserved.

The best way to handle an exit meeting is to sign a separation or exit agreement, but make it clear that you need to get legal advice in Ontario on the wrongful dismissal before accepting a severance package. Signing off on the package will conclude the dismissal as fair and will be more difficult to reverse.

Your case deserves the best Canada labour law firm

That doesn’t make us the most expensive; it makes us the top law firm that understands what it takes to get the best outcome efficiently and effectively. Why? Because as the strongest and most experienced wrongful dismissal lawyers in Toronto we strive to provide results-oriented unfair dismissal representation second-to-none. We want you to be able to breathe a sigh of relief and regain full confidence knowing you have the best firm to handle your wrongful termination in Ontario.

  • Confidential consultation
  • Follow up strategy meeting
  • Employer negotiations
  • Evidence gathering
  • Court filings and proceedings


wrongful dismissal lawyer in Toronto

You deserve the best representation

When we know your case is genuine and the time has been taken to pull together all of the loose ends, there is only one objective and that is to win the case on your behalf. Wrongful dismissals are not fair, nor reasonable. You work too hard to be tossed aside when it is convenient and deemed unnecessary in lieu of a company’s bottom line.

If this has happened to you, a loved one or an associate, don’t hesitate to take action or spread the word. We are in business solely to support those who have been unfairly removed from their jobs and don’t know where to go or how to rectify the situation.

We have two locations in Toronto and look forward to providing an in-person consultation or face-to-face video call when we can learn all the details. The fastest way to get started is to set up a consultation here or call (416) 594-3900.

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