Executive Summary

Date Published: 6 January 2023

Summary Written by: Jeff Buchan

A concerning trend is emerging among professional regulatory bodies in Ontario and in Canada fueled by those on the left – the focus of these regulatory bodies has been less on ensuring there is a body of competent professionals and more on censorship and the weaponization of political opinion. Recently, the Ontario College of Psychologists made the mistake of making Jordan Peterson the latest target of the left’s woke campaign. Peterson had made right-leaning comments on twitter which led the College to require Peterson to complete a “social media re-education” program at a cost of $225 an hour. Of course, he refused.  The attack on Peterson will certainly invigorate the conservative movement in Canada much to the chagrin of the complainants in Peterson’s case. Further, damages for wrongful regulatory delicensing typically result in far greater damages than for simple wrongful dismissal, as the re-employability of the employee is a major consideration for the courts in these types of cases. As such, defending the rulings of professional regulatory bodies is not only possible but necessary to put this weaponization of political opinion to an end.

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