The self-immolation of the left after the Hamas attacks might be the end of the ascendancy of the woke movement

As the prelude to Pharoah releasing the Israelites from slavery, Jews were asked, as God’s final plague in the Story of Passover, to spread lamb blood on the front of their homes so that the Angel of Death would pass over and thereby spare their first sons.

As part of Jewish ritual, Jews place an identifying mezuzah outside the doors of their homes. But today, in Canada and in much of the world, Jews are removing those mezuzahs in fear as rallies calling for the eradication of Jews in Israel and sometimes abroad as well take over the streets of our cities, with Jewish homes and business attacked, including by firebombing, and individuals targeted. Remember, these rallies started as the celebration of a pogrom well before Israel’s counter-attack.

Some of the useful idiots from the woke left supporting Hamas at those rallies and waving its flags are unaware of what the group stands for and do not realize that they will be next in line.

The Hamas Charter tells us as much. In article seven, Hamas says it wants its control to “spread all over the world,” not just Palestine. It calls Jews “Zionist invaders,” and calls for Jews to be killed, wherever they are hiding, “no matter how long it will take.”

Or, as one colourful quote puts it: “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!

And take article eight, which declares that, “Jihad is its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.”

Most westerners have never taken this nonsense seriously and believed the declarations of the radical Islamists to be childish optics, assuming they will grow up and ultimately become reasonable. I have long warned that you should believe what Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamist extremists say. They are not you. It is not hyperbole. They actually mean it. After Oct. 7, people have come to realize that.

The rallies on our streets, every single one of them calling for the extermination of Jews in Israel (or beyond), have presented opportunities as well as problems.

The problems are obvious.

The opportunities arise from the fact that the woke left and radical Islam have been exposed and the response has been public revulsion. But for this push back, the presidents of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania would not have resigned and there would not now be significant pressure to revamp universities, which have become a cesspool for indoctrinating students to hate western traditions and, indeed, education itself.

There has been newfound pressure on police to clamp down on these rallies which had terrorized our communities. Attempts to “cancel Christmas” and attacks on Jewish bakeries and delicatessens have not been helpful to the Hamas supporters’ PR campaign.

Proof? Survey after survey showing opposition to these demonstrations.

A Leger-Postmedia poll found that 75 per cent of Canadians believe that non-citizens should face deportation if they publicly express hatred towards a minority group or support a terrorist organization such as Hamas.

In the United States, according to a PBS NewsHour/Marist poll conducted Nov. 6 to Nov. 9, the majority said they sympathize with Israel. As well, the Palestinian solidarity protests have not been supported publicly by the vast majority of politicians. As the protests have become even more vicious, sentiment has moved even further against them. It is not just moderates who are repulsed. Governments in Europe are quickly moving or being elected to stop the tide of Muslim immigration, such that innocent moderate Muslims have become the victims of their radical cohorts. If they were smart, they would be loudly denouncing them. A few are, such as the Council of Muslims against anti-Semitism, but not enough. It is in the interest of the majority of Muslims in Canada who are moderate to speak up — and loudly. They must repudiate the naked extremism and hatred on our streets.

When it comes to the woke left, the response has been equally damning.

The director of the University Alberta Sexual Assault Centre, Samantha Pearson, was fired in November for supporting an open letter by Ontario MPP Sarah Jama (who was kicked out the NDP caucus) questioning whether Israeli women were actually raped in the Oct. 7 attacks. Other traditional supporters of women’s rights have been silent when it comes to the plight of Jewish women on Oct. 7, nor did such “feminist” crusaders change their tone when an investigation in the politically friendly New York Times reported that more than 30 women’s bodies had been found with their pants torn off AND nails and gunshots in their groins, among other atrocities. Evidence has come out by released hostages that the Hamas’ hostages, men and women, have been subject to continuing brutal rapes by their captors in Gaza and preventing them from telling that story is the likely reason Hamas did not release some of the women captives when all female hostages were supposed to be.

Yet the woke traditional feminist left has maintained its silence. Outrageous and an abdication of any future moral authority. As the saying has become, “Me Too-except for Jew.” Or, as Bari Weiss put it, “Believe all women,” has become, “Don’t believe even the confessions of rapists if their victims are Jews.”

Society has noticed and the moderate middle has been re-evaluating the left, which has revealed itself to be morally bankrupt.

Unions that did not renounce the Hamas attacks have left many of their members feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised. (Disclosure: My firm is representing members of CUPE who are suing the union and its president, Fred Hahn, over its response to the attacks).

Likewise, moderate women have realized that left-wing feminist leaders who have ignored or justified the massacre and sexual assault of women in Israel have lost the right to lead.

The self-immolation of the left flowing from their abdication of responsibility in light of the Hamas pogrom of Oct. 7 might be the end of the ascendancy of the woke left. We are past the end of the beginning of the woke movement and at the beginning of its end.