It’s day three of this school bus fiasco facing students and parents of public and Catholic schools in Toronto.

Kids have been left waiting in the morning and then again in the afternoon for a bus to pick them up.

We’ve been hearing stories of teachers, principals and support staff pitching in and driving students home, themselves.

Employment lawyer Howard Levitt says it could be a risky legal move.

For one, bus drivers have special insurance to cover them. “As a union official, I would tell them they’re taking some real risks here, legally, if you drive kids home; that’s not your job. If there’s a problem later on ,whether it be an accusation or a car accident , there could be real repercussions.”

He says if an allegation is made about what happened in the vehicle, as opposed to on a bus where there is 20 other kids, it’s going to put the educator in a vulnerable position because the only person in the vehicle was the educator and the child.

Levitt points out that if there’s a collison, the school would likely also be sued. “There would be terrible consequences; probably a more vicious lawsuit, a more vicious public reaction. There would probably be a lot of lost goodwill for that particular school and educator.”

Original Source: Newstalk1010